Turning innocence into resistance

Even a four-year-old would rather fight the occupation than leave Gaza for a safer place.

Raghad Abu Shammalah
Tributes to Mohammed Zaher Hamo, killed Nov. 24, 2023

We Are Not Numbers mourns the death of a beloved friend, colleague, and family member.

The WANN Family
Whispers in the rain: A journey from tranquility to displacement

Bitterness gnaws at my soul as I long for safe shelter, warmth, a cup of coffee and the routine melody of life.

Haya Abu Nasser
A photo walk through Gaza

I used to love walking along this street, greeting people. Now, I’m terrified I’ll step on a dead body.

Raghad Abu Shammalah
Our homes are irreplaceable

Following the news of the destruction of Al-Mukabarat Towers in northwest Gaza, I realize: memories don’t die; they just get hurt.

Basma Almaza
Others want to flee Gaza, but I long to return

Even as the brutal Israeli retaliation began, I wanted nothing more than to return to my home and family in Gaza City.

Basman Derawi
Close calls with death

There is no such thing as a safe place in Gaza. Everyone and everything is targeted.

Shahd Safi
The untold phobias of war

Even when we Gazans are no longer experiencing war, it continues to live in us.

Sara Nabil Hegy
For Gaza’s children, sleep brings only nightmares

Repeated Israeli aggressions take a terrible toll on the mental health of Gazan children.

Hamza Salha

I lost my loved ones / I lost my power, hope, dreams / and my last tears.

Ahmed Dremly
On Thanksgiving

Should I be thankful for a four-day reprieve/ when what we need is for/ the bombing to stop and our people to be free

Basman Derawi
On behalf of Israel

I apologize to international lawyers and activists.... / I apologize to God..../ I apologize to the truth....

Basman Derawi

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