‘My brain just boils over’: Interview with a Gazan expatriate

A graduate student in Denmark worries constantly about his family back in Gaza and the unfairness of it all.

Salaheldin Eleyan
Gazans face dialysis crisis as hospitals close

Rationed care means patients with kidney disease are receiving fewer and shorter treatments per week than they need.

Asma Abu Amra
The first weeks of war

A college student and her family navigate displacement, scarcity, and the systematic destruction of Gaza.

Rahaf Abuzarifa
A family’s fight for survival in Rafah

A family moves from home to a friend’s house, to a hospital, and back home again—but doesn’t feel safe anywhere.

Abdallah Aljazzar
Health in crisis: Gaza’s tent camps breed disease

What does more than 120 days of war look like? A near-total collapse of the health care system.

Faress Arafat
Akram’s empty chair

The beloved youngest child was killed by an Israeli missile as he and his brothers returned home from buying snacks.

Wejdan Wajdy Abu Shammala
Our home was our sanctuary, then Israel destroyed it

This house was a dream for my parents — their comfort zone and where friends, neighbors and relatives would gather.

Walaa Sabah
Close calls with death

There is no such thing as a safe place in Gaza. Everyone and everything is targeted.

Shahd Safi
The untold phobias of war

Even when we Gazans are no longer experiencing war, it continues to live in us.

Sara Nabil Hegy
A child should never die

A child should play, laugh, giggle / Call mom to make breakfast / Throw himself into grandfather’s arms / And live

Salaheldin Eleyan
God calls me again

I ask God, How are you? / I am sad, of course, he says.

Basman Derawi
Tunnel for Hamas

The ant wishes she could build her home/ at the top of a tall tree/ so no one would mistake it / as a tunnel for Hamas.

Basman Derawi

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