Get Involved

You too can help the youth of Gaza share their stories by:

  • Donating money to help pay a monthly stipend to the three Gaza youth on our project team, transportation expenses for the participating writers (many of whom could not otherwise afford to travel to workshops), rent office space, rent video equipment, etc. Even a donation of $5 helps!
  • Publicizing our website by sharing the link with friends and family via social media and email.
  • Finding other media willing to re-publish our participants’ stories, such as relevant websites and university or hometown newspapers. If you have a suggestion and/or can introduce us to an appropriate contact, email Pam Bailey (

Don’t forget to sign up to receive via email each new story posted to the website!

Meanwhile, two sites that are useful for up-to-date Palestinian news are Mondoweiss, AlJazeera, Middle East Eye, The New Arab and Ma’an News. Educate yourself, then:

  • Write letters to the editor when you read media coverage that is incorrect or incomplete.
  • Educate friends and family, even if it will “rock the boat.”