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For 25 years, Shireen was the “voice of Palestine,” reporting from the front lines on the reality of life under occupation – the tragedies, the mundane hardships, the rare rays of sunshine. She told the truth by sharing our stories and thus served as the megaphone for so many. 

On May 11, an Israeli sniper silenced Shireen. But the lesson Israel refuses to learn is that there are many other truthtellers training and ready to take her place. We Are Not Numbers exists, with your support, to nurture and develop that next generation of storytellers. With the help of an international network of mentors and coaches, we have trained more than 300 journalists, poets and essayists, publishing more than 1000 of their creations to date. 

Your donations make it possible for us to keep sharing, caring, creating and resisting. Please donate whatever you can today, and share this page with your network. 

As young people, we know we are the next generation of truthtellers, and we owe it to Shireen and the other journalists who came before her to develop our creativity and take advantage of this platform to be heard, grow our skills and forge international connections.

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Help us show Israel that we cannot be silenced!

We Are Not Numbers’ graduates will keep on coming, filling Shireen’s shoes. Please donate today!

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Where does the money go?

We Are Not Numbers relies for 80 percent of its resources on crowdfunding. (The other 20 percent comes from a partnership with Rebuilding Alliance, an American nonprofit that pays us in return for developing stories about its work in Gaza.) Our primary expenses are:

  • Rent, which we pay monthly to Gaza Sky Geeks (an initiative of MercyCorps) for space in its building.
  • Salaries for three full-time staff, one part-time and two “contractors” (paid for work completed). All were unemployed youths prior to their addition to our team, and we try to rotate the persons in these positions as they gain valuable experience.
  • Transportation expenses for writers who must travel longer distances for meetings and interviews.
  • Activities for project members, both educational (workshops) and fun (BBQs by the sea).

We are happy to answer further questions; email