Share the truth of Palestine, one story at a time!

When the world talks about Palestinians living under occupation and in refugee camps, it is usually in terms of politics and numbers – specifically, how many killed, injured, homeless and/or dependent on aid. But numbers are impersonal, and often numbing. What they don’t convey are the daily personal struggles and triumphs, the tears and the laughter, the aspirations that are so universal that if it weren’t for the context, they would immediately resonate with virtually everyone.

To survive, grow and resist in Gaza, we need more than the typical aid, however. As youth, we know we are the next generation of leaders, and more than anything we need to develop our creativity, be given a platform through which we can be heard, develop our skills, forge international connections, and also, simply, HAVE FUN.

Donations are tax-deductible. We are a fiscally-sponsored project of Nonviolence International, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. As a sponsoring organization, Nonviolence International is required to retain discretion and control of the funds, which will, in all events, be used for the intended, charitable purposes.

Where does the money go?

We Are Not Numbers relies for 80 percent of its resources on crowdfunding. (The other 20 percent comes from a partnership with Amos Trust, a British human rights organisation that pays us in return for producing videos in Gaza.) Our primary expenses are:

  • Salaries for three full-time staff, one part-time and two “contractors” (paid for work completed). All were unemployed youths prior to their addition to our team, and we try to rotate the persons in these positions as they gain valuable experience.
  • Transportation expenses for writers who must travel longer distances for meetings and interviews.
  • Activities for project members, both educational (workshops) and fun (BBQs by the sea).

We are happy to answer further questions; email