Two poems of innocence denied

I can count

I was a child too innocent too pure

When I looked at the blue sky,

I told the white pigeon soaring above

Go hold my one, three, two dreams make them stretch forever

Flying to an endless horizon

With no despair

Two minutes later

In the chaos of silence,

I counted one, three, two, four bullets

In the heart of darkness,

I saw my ivory pigeon stand over the bullets that echoed one, two, three, four, five

Bringing death to my family

When I was a child

I could count

Not dreams

But bullets!

Never goodbye!

My childhood dreams were nothing

More than a loaf of bread

In the silence of dawn,

I was standing bare feet

Beside the rough sea, I hold my childhood dreams

I swear; I hold them tightly

Never thinking my dreams

Will come back to slap my face

A hundred times or more

Filling my mouth with salt

Stinging my eyes

In the middle of a stormy night

I said goodbye to the sea

But never goodbye to this mighty world


Posted: December 9, 2021

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Mentor: Bisanne Masoud

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