The forgotten high life

Palestine landscape
Palestine landscape
Photo by Osama Silwadi

A time where life was always unique —
We wish to go back to hide and seek —
And play with kids whose names we didn’t even know.

But now nothing is the same —
Our hearts grew darker to embrace the change —
And life gave us winters without snow.

We were young —
Every day chasing the fun —
And the world’s shadows adored our glow.

We were kids, simple as-is —
On swings and slides we’d call dibs —
And to every newcomer we’d say “hello.”

Nothing could ruin the good in us —
We didn’t care who we were —
we could be everything all at once.

Not the color of our skin,
nor the seed of our kin,
could dim our little sinless lights —

Our language was laughter,
our hearts were masters,
of carrying sunshine through lows and highs —

We miss the safety of the playground —
The mountain tops in my hometown —
Memories seem so distant yet not long ago.


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Mentor: Katherine Schneider

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