Wann activities report for April 2022

WANN graduating class


In April, WANN published eight stories, articles, and poems.

The forgotten high life

April 9, 2022 | In her poetic words, our writer Amana Diab,describes the old days, when her life was full of peace and tranquility.

Raise your voice

April 12, 2022 | Angham Mattar tells how her participation in the Social Development Forum empowered her.

Sorry, neither of us are able to help the other

April 14, 2022 | Shahd Safi writes about her friendship with a child living in poverty.

The Hummus Theory as Palestinian identity

April 17, 2022 | April 17, 2022 | Rawand Alagha describes Diala Shaheen’s efforts to update Palestinian recipes for modern, healthy eating.

Feryal’s wedding

April 19, 2022 | Israa Mohammed Jamal’s cousin waited to be a bride but became a martyr instead.

Mohammed’s heroic battle against kidney failure

April 22, 2022 | Hossam Wail Abo-Shammallah writes about how the family of Mohammed Emad El-Nahal has had to cope after learning that the young boy was suffering from acute kidney failure.

A day in our Gazan life under Israeli airstrikes

April 24, 2022 | What do you do when bombs are falling? Israa Mohammed Jamal says: you play with friends, eat lunch, make escape plans, read the Quran.

Tears of gold

April 30, 2022 | Amana Diab describes a mother’s love.

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WANN helps build up our writers, through the writing, of course, but also through educational, civic and cultural activities.

Graduation of 2021 cohort

March 31, 2022 | It is almost the end of Ramadan and the end of programming for our 2021 cohort. WANN celebrated the graduation of 54 writers. WANNERs shared their stories during WANN Talks to inspire and guide others to reply to join WANN. Watch the video of the event.

WANN graduating class
The graduating cohort

WANN launches a new recruitment campaign

April 2022 | To build our next cohort of writers, WANN initiated recruitment activities at a number of Palestinian universities, including Al-Aqsa University, the Islamic University, and Al-Azhar University. We received hundreds of applications from all over the globe. Interviews will start in May!

WalaaRecruitment presentation at Al-Aqsa University by Walaa Sabah

Enas presentingRecruitment presentation at Islamic University of Gaza by Enas Ghannam


SomaiaRecruitment presentation at Al-Azhar University by Somaia Abu Nada


Presentation by Dr. Husam Zomlot

April 14, 2022 | Dr. Husam Zomlot, Palestinian ambassador and head of the Palestinian Mission in the United Kingdom, met by Zoom with WANN to share his thoughts on how to address the Western media. The recorded session is available for viewing.

Dr. Zumlot on ZoomDr. Zumlot presenting to WANN.

WANN participants in officeWANNers were deeply engaged in the question-and-answer
portion of Dr. Zomlot’s presentation.

Many interesting changes

  • We are in the process of launching a new website for WANN.
  • We have changed our logo.
  • We are currently preparing for our fundraising campaign. We will update you once it is launched!

Who wrote this?

Walaa Sabah, the community outreach and partnership officer, prepared this activities report. Walaa joined WANN at the beginning of 2022. She has travelled to more than 10 countries, volunteered in Africa, studied Europe, and taught children from East Asia. Walaa is publishing her new story soon and is looking forward to sharing it with you!

Walaa Sabah

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