Zombie, vampire, occupier

Ahmad Farrah, East Jerusalem, protests in Sheikh Jarrah

Zombies, vampire and my occupiers.
I wonder sometimes,
what is the difference between them?
They all feed on blood
and mess with the head.

They send their drones
to buzz inside my ear,
leaving me sleepless
with an aching head.

In the square of Al-Aqsa mosque,
a soldier stares at Palestinian protesters,
his gun primed and ready with live bullets.
His eyes are dead,
no longer able to see our humanity.
He expels my people
from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah,
reminding us of our ’48 Nakba
and starting a new one.

In Gaza Strip, they bomb everywhere.
Today, I sit in my sister's house,
after the Israelis threatened
to destroy my whole building
and targeted one apartment inside.
Three people were killed.
Nine children were killed yesterday,
sent by the angels to heaven
before they could enjoy wearing Eid's new clothes.
The smell of our blood must seduce them.

What is the difference between
zombies, vampires and our occupiers?

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Mentor: Pam Bailey

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