Wild horse


Painting by Imad Abu Shtayyah

You were my Arab family,
but you walked away.
You whispered about me.
You rolled your eyes and smiled
with my enemy, Israel.
I will never forget.


You who escaped torture
now torture me in your Zion.
You expel me without mercy.
You want my heart to falter
and my knees to tremble.
I will never forgive.


Oh, my people,
Who sacrifice your souls for me,
If I fall, your hands lift me.
If I am hungry, your hands feed me.
If I am afraid, your stones protect me.
I will never disown you.


I am a wild horse.
I  will not be curbed
nor tamed by strangers.
You build your wall around me,
but your gates cannot hold me.
I am Palestine. I will not change.

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Mentor: Kevin Hadduck

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