Palestinian youth tell the human stories behind the numbers in the news

Palestinian youth tell the human stories behind the numbers in the news

Hossam Madhoun | 12-07-2017


Painting showing the mayhem of war
Painting by Basel ElMaqosui

Wife: Looking at her husband with reluctance…
Husband: What?
Wife: You see the news?
Husband: So ….?
Wife: Everybody is talking about it.
Husband: I know.
Wife: So…
Husband: So what?
Wife: We must do something.
Husband: Like what?
Wife: I don’t know.
Husband: Ok…. When you know what to do, then tell me. 
Wife: Aren’t you afraid, worried, panicked? Anxious a little bit?
Husband: I am not a superman; of course, I am worried.
Wife: So…?
Husband: So what?
Wife: We must do something,
Husband: I want to do something
Wife: Really? Good! What?
Husband: I want to leave, to be gone when it starts.
Wife: Me too, but how?
Husband: This is the question…. How?
Wife: You know we are under blockade and there is no way out. All borders are closed!
Husband: Of course, I know.
Wife: But you said you want to leave, you don’t want to be here when it starts …
Husband: Yes, I expressed my wish, my desire, my want. Not what is possible. I am 50 years old already, and very rarely do I get what I want.
Wife: Please, let's talk about what is possible, not about what you wish. Please…
Husband: What is possible?!!! All we can do is collect our official documents and some precious items into a small bag, so when the war starts and the bombardment reaches our neighborhood, we can take this little bag and run away to a less risky place, if we can find such a place in Gaza in war time.


Posted: July 12, 2017

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