Palestinian youth tell the human stories behind the numbers in the news

Palestinian youth tell the human stories behind the numbers in the news

Love and rebirth in Gaza

Mohammed Moussa | 10-11-2017


So far away from you,
it is dark everywhere.
City squares lie empty;
everyone’s soul is imprisoned.
Our purpose is lost.
Streets are empty of laughter.

We're fed up with concealment,
with passivity like an anesthesia.
We’re fed up with making love
behind closed doors,
hidden by tradition and custom.
Here we find everything but love.
Everything is permissible but love.

Two little lovers we were,
smiling under our own moon,
drawing our dreams on the sea sand.
All of that has vanished
like a car passing on the highway.

We talk, argue, fight,
but words are useless.
Hold my hand,
and let our lips meet.
Let our bodies melt together.

Bewitch me, dance with me,
change what this city has done to me.
It has swallowed up our beauty;
I even forget that I am human.

Your arms are my refuge and comfort,
your breath, a kiss blown by an angel.
Hug me in war and peace.
Kiss me in secret and in public.
Find me, for I have lost myself.

Run with me, my dear, let’s vamoose
from siege, war, duty, tradition.
Run with me from the monotony
of drones and traffic and the sighs,
the slow heavy sighing of our neighbors.
We have to run.

Let’s walk together in Rome,
drive the autobahn to Berlin,
bike in Amsterdam,
take a train in London,
ride a boat in Venice,
drink coffee in Paris,
and dance in Oslo.

We can return then to Gaza
and watch the sunset from the beach.
We’ll write, dance, sing and make love.
We’ll announce the rebirth of love in Gaza.

Posted: November 10, 2017

Mentor: Kevin Hadduck

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