Dear Mr. Corona

Me and my nieces in our Eid selfie

Hello, Mr. Corona,
You keep knocking at our doors.
But I’ve stolen some fun moments.  
Today is our Eid:
I eat kaak.
I wear new clothes.
I take my usual Eid selfie

Hello, Mr. Corona.
I suppose I should thank you
for making me appreciate
every little gift in my life:
Lounging on the beach;
happy photos with family;
my favorite dish, maklouba;
a new song, discovered
(I Dare You! by Kelly Clarkson).  
A tree of a passion sinks her roots inside me.
I want to enjoy life
before you sneak inside.

Hello, Mr. Corona.
When returning from my aunt’s house,
I learn the news:
Your first victim in Gaza—
a woman, 77—  
died yesterday.

You invade my head.
Who will be gone by the next Eid?
Who will not smell kaak again?
I open my phone,
scrolling through my “happy pictures.”
Hopefully you will grow weary
and leave the world soon.  

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