Palestinian youth tell the human stories behind the numbers in the news

Palestinian youth tell the human stories behind the numbers in the news

A call with God

Basman Derawi | 03-07-2021

My phone rings.
On the screen,
an unknown number appears.
I am suspicious;
Maybe it’s the so-called IDF,
calling to tell me to
flee my house so it can bomb it.

I answer.
Who is this?
A warm voice:
It's God, so he says.
I am scared and excited.
I almost choke on my own saliva.

After quizzing him to make sure he is real
(that’s just me),
I pluck up the courage to ask:
God, did you really choose them
over all other people?

He laughs.
You can't be chosen over others.
I made and love you all.

Think with your heart
and you’ll know this is true.

I dare to ask another question:
Did you promise them our land?
He sighs.
Years ago, I promised the land 
to Abraham and his progeny,
Ishmael and Isaac,
so they could live together.
not fight over who should be in control.

I hesitate, wanting reassurance.
But, God, they claim it’s in your name
that they push us from our homes
and attack us with their tanks and fighter jets.

How dare you! I am a god.
I am not a vengeful criminal.

I sigh.
Thank you for reminding me, God!
Is there something I can do for you now
Why did you choose me to call,
among so many who are more worthy?

I called to thank you
for saving my reputation
with your writing.
I am God. I stand for justice.
I am not some kind of
psychopathic, narcissist thief.   


Posted: July 3, 2021

Mentor: Pam Bailey

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