Lynn W. Huber

Dr. Lynn W. Huber is a social worker and retired social work educator. She offers workshops and retreats and spiritual direction for individuals and groups. Lynn has been actively involved in prison ministry and peace and justice work.  She is working at becoming fluent in Spanish and in increasing her tiny Arabic vocabulary. She wrote a chapter in a book on racism in the United States comparing the Black-White history there with the Israeli-Palestinian relationship across the ocean. Lynn is an oblate (associate member) of Benet Hill Monastery in Colorado Springs, and she was the founding convener of the Colorado Chapter of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship.

Lynn’s Credo is: "I believe the greatest gift we can offer to each other is the telling of and listening to our stories. The theme of story unifies all I do: including work with older adults and young adults (both of whom have a developmental as well as a spiritual need to recover and share their stories), spiritual direction (an intimate vehicle for exploring and living into one's own story) and work in peace and justice, where the sharing of story is essential to reconciliation."