Kevin Hadduck

Kevin and his wife, Linda, live in Helena, Montana, USA.  He works at Carroll College as director of the Academic Resource Center (learning skills, testing and disability-support services). Kevin is a poet, habitual letter writer and amateur wood “butcher.”  That is, he loves to carve wood and do construction and remodeling work, mostly in his own home. Kevin and Linda both love to hike and spot wildlife and thus very much love the many beautiful mountains, forests, lakes and streams in Montana. While they love to hike together, Kevin also loves to hike alone or with friends or strangers. The world is invited to join him.   

Kevin began publishing poetry about 25 years ago and has published in more than two dozen journals in the United States, including the Journal of the American Medical Association, Lullwater Review, Prairie Schooner, South Dakota Review, Christianity and Literature, The Appalachian Journal, Literature and Belief, and others.  He has published one book of poems, "Hymnody of the Blue Heron," and is currently working on a second book. Years ago, Kevin’s wife Linda pointed out that many birds appear in his poems. They both love birds, the great blue heron being Kevin’s favorite. Kevin and Linda hope that someday they are able to visit friends in the Czech Republic, Lebanon and Palestine (Gaza in particular).