Jodie Jones

In February 2019, Jodie spontaneously quit her career in fashion journalism to travel, soul search and refocus. Almost two years—and a tour of Europe—later, that experience continues to inform the critical eye she casts across the world and back in time through history. Jodie studies the rotten root and thriving legacy of colonization, seeking to understand the political structures that continue to implement injustice and suffering.

As a mentor and collaborator, Jodie not only contributes her publishing experience, analytical mind and love for writing; she also offers a compassionate, dedicated and respectful friend who believes in sharing stories and perspectives to realize our collective humanity. In Jodie’s mind, increased empathy is the key to alleviating inequality, and she optimistically envisions a more respectful, safe and enjoyable world, for everyone.

With a bookshelf that meanders through the fictitious and factual, including Angela Davis, Haruki Murakami, Carl Sagan, Edward Said, Joan Didion and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, friends can always count on Jodie for literary recommendations.