Gisele McAuliffe

Gisele is a communications expert focused on social impact. She offers deep experience advising leaders at mission-driven organizations around the world about the best outreach activities for achieving their goals, increasing the impact of their programs and producing lasting change.

She also is an accomplished storyteller and trainer. Gisele began her career as a television and radio journalist at national news media outlets in the U.S. and Europe. She has leveraged her reporting skills to produce narratives that engage target audiences around the world and motivate them to act.

Gisele's interest in Palestinian rights stems from her career-long passion for protecting human rights, including helping people climb out of poverty to thrive and build sustainable economies. For the International Red Cross, she worked on the front lines of war zones gathering stories about disaster relief, overseeing prisoner of war exchanges and promoting the Geneva conventions to combatants during the height of the Balkans Conflict.