Beth Stickney

Beth is a writer and educator with nearly thirty years' experience in higher education teaching, mentoring and curriculum development. For over ten years, she directed a system-wide program at the City University of New York that provided fellowships, research stipends and mentoring to historically underrepresented students, with the mission of guiding promising students into doctoral programs and academic careers. In the mid-2000's, her passion for the Palestinian cause led her to develop a first-year college seminar focused on the history of Palestine, with Joe Sacco's graphic novel Palestine as the central text. She taught this course for several years at Keene State College in New Hampshire. During this period, Beth realized she needed to visit Palestine to supplement her intellectual understanding of the occupation, and in 2010, she visited the West Bank with a small group from Global Exchange.

While still a New Yorker at heart, Beth lives happily in Vermont with her husband, teenage son, and Monty, an Australian Shepherd. She loves to travel, cook, read, hike, and listen to the BBC.