A protest of artists

A group of Palestinian artists participated in an artistic protest in Gaza recently. The protest was titled “Mural: the spoken word of the brush.” The goal of the event was to protest the decades-long Israeli occupation and to show support to Palestinians in the West Bank during the current state of unrest. Although it has been pushed out of the headlines recently by ISIS fears, the youth-dominated conflict continues to rage, with the statistics as of December 21 including 129 Palestinian dead, almost 15,100 injured and more than 2,600 imprisoned.

When asked why they chose to use visual art as a way to protest, Mohammed Al Haj, one of the organizers of the event, told 28mag: "Art is a different and creative way of communication. It breaks the boundaries of language; you don't need to translate art for it to reach the hearts of people around the world."

The event consisted of three parts: mural and canvas painting, colored-pencil drawings and traditional music performance.

Published December 26, 2015

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