Shahd Safi

I am fascinated by the stars in the sky, how high they are. I wonder at the scene of this starry night from my home in Gaza. My nickname is Shero, which includes the word hero, reflecting my inner strength when dealing with the bitterness of living. I love exposing my depth to the universe through poetry and art because in the process of doing so, I keep discovering who I am.

Being a Gazan, I believe it's my duty to share my personal struggles with readers, even though I hate how it expresses my real identity as a Palestinan refugee. I try to bolster our Palestinian narrative by writing historical and political stories, told or experienced by those who witness what is happening on the ground. I'm an example of the saying that wherever life plants you with heartfelt sorrow, bloom with grace.
I have compassion and faith in humanity, and I admire interviews with underdogs that document their stories, making them into role models whose pain is worth telling.

As an amateur who works sincerely out of love, I serve as the voluntary coordinator for Open Mic Project with 28 Magazine. In addition, I am voluntering as the manager of the English Language Club at Alaqsa University. I'm also a member at Al-Qarara cultural center in Khanunis, and I'm always looking for more ways to help the world evolve with positive vibes.