Shahd Safi

My name is Shahd Safi. I'm studying English language and Literature at Al-aqsa University. I strongly believe in the power of words and that's why I joined We Are Not Numbers: to use it as a platform to tell the stories of resistance, hope, pride and success. Writing is my passion and it's somehow a great way to release my thoughts and escape from daily life stress and burdens. I'm also fond of psychology, human rights, human resources and art and I'm trying my best to balance between my interests and writing itself by creating a deep connection between them so I can show the best version of me through writing. I'm honestly trying to make the process of writing more flexible for me by mixing everything I love. In addition, I'm interested in management and I'm serving as a coordinator at the English Language Club at my university. I try to use my position to create a better platform of learning English in Gaza with the help of my fellow students.