Sami Samir Albreem

I am 21 years old, in my last year of studying psychology at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. My original dream was to study journalism, but since my two brothers already had chosen that major, my parents encouraged me to make a different choice. Still, it remains a passion for me that I will pursue. I want to educate everyone who lives on this planet about the suffering and pain that we Palestinians experience, and expose the heinous crimes committed by the Israeli occupation. I was born to tell the truth, not to distort it. This is the wisdom I will believe throughout my life.

Meanwhile, at university, I conduct research related to psychology and public health, and I also am a participant in the citizen journalism program run by the Yala Young Leaders Academy (in cooperation with the Aileen Getty School). I hope to continue my education by earning a graduate degree in psychology in Spain. The professor for whom I do research visits Spain and has told me so much about it, I burn to see it for myself.