Salsabeel Hamdan

Born in 1993, “Sal” moved to Gaza when she was about 17 from the UAE. She struggled and still is struggling to fit into the extraordinary life of Gaza. She earned her bachelor's degree in English language and literature, and now is working as a trainer and translator.

Salsabeel spends most of her time reading, researching and debating thorny topics related to consciousness, physics, psychology, philosophy and truth. She also enjoys looking for the repeated patterns around her and asking, "Why?" She hopes to complete her postgraduate studies in the philosophy of the mind.
She also likes writing, drawing, singing and dancing, and used to be a pianist and an aerobic gymnast when she lived in the UAE. 

Having had the chance to live both inside and outside Gaza has allowed Sal to acquire differing points of view. She wants to do the same for others who have not been able to travel, using writing to analyze life. She says: "You expand people's consciousness when you expand their ability to see situations from new and different angles. That is one reason why the Israeli blockade is so insidious; it prevents sharing and the growth in life experience."