Rana Shubair

From Rana: "It's true I took my first breath of life in Cairo, Egypt, but I'm a true Palestinian. My passion since childhood has been writing in safely locked diaries. It was only during the summer of 2016  that I shared my writing, when I published my first book: "In Gaza I Dare to Dream."  

"I went to school part of my teenage life in the United States, when my father was pursuing his advanced studies. Although it's been a long time since I returned to Palestine, I still hold onto the beautiful memories I shared with my friends in America. 

"Experiencing Israeli aggression, power cuts and restrictions on movement can certainly kill one's dreams and extinguish the sparkle of life. But, the fact remains that we must stand up to those challenges and refuse to be beaten. 

"With writing, I also discovered my passion for reading. My nightstand has a pile of books along with my Kindle reader. I'm a stationery hoarder, especially of bookmarks, and I never say no to a good cup of coffee."