Omnia Ghassan

Omnia, 21, was born and raised in United Arab Emirates and moved to Gaza on 2013. She has a BA in English Literature. She uses writing to express her thoughts and beliefs, and also likes writing short stories and translating. She won a literary prize from Energhia, the Cultural Association in Matera - Italy, for her English short story Medical E-mail: Innocent Love. Recently, she published an Arabic short story collection called "Wishes of Violet." Writing is the shelter in which she seeks refuge whenever her mood shifts. Thus, Omnia believes “words are the reflection of one’s true self” and are “the means of change.” Her dream is to roam the world and explore many different cultures because in knowing others, she believes she will know who she truly is. In her free time, Omnia enjoys reading novels and spending time with family or friends. “They are the true inspiration of my writings,” she says