Mohammed Rafik

I am a three-war-old guy who was born and grew up in Gaza, working as an English trainer, translator and writer. "Mhawesh" is the family name with which I was born, but it was attached to me without my permission. It means "fighter" or "troublemaker" and that is not my nature. Instead, I prefer "Rafik," which is my father's name and means "merciful."

I love writing short stories and am an avid reader. I am a husband and a son of this land; never before have I been prouder of my heritage and more optimistic and determined for the future. 

While only a freshman at university, I have been hired as a writer, translator and trainer by several organizations--and I love the work! Each new experience expands my interests, which now include politics, sociology, the arts and international law. I am an avid reader; I especially like reading about struggles against oppression, but I also enjoy fiction.