Majed Abusalama

Majed is a scholar, campaigner, human rights defender and award-winning, independent journalist who grew up wearing blue clothes in Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza and is now based in Berlin. While living in the Gaza "ghetto," he co-led the #StopPrawerPlan, #SaveYarmoukCamp and #OpenRafahBorder online campaigns and co-founded the Intifada Youth Coalition.

Later, Majed helped initiate and organize several national and local organizations, including Students for Justice in Palestine in Norway, Beats for Gaza in Gaza, Coalition for Palestinian Rights and Against Racism in Germany and, most recently, a Hebrew website BorderGone, which translates We Are Not Numbers stories.

Majed is a member of the board of directors for We Are Not Numbers and isone of the Humboldt3 who are taking Israel to court in Berlin. His articles and political commentary have been featured in Al-Jazeera, Middle East Eye, Mondoweiss, Deutsche Welle and Babelmed, among others. His work focuses on documenting his besieged thoughts, centered on decolonizing Gaza in particular. Majed contributes to human geography, grassroots movements and conflict-transformation programs.