Layal Hazboun




Layal Hazboun is the name. I am a Jerusalemite with a degree in journalism/political science and a minor in translation from Birzeit University. Since graduation, I have been very passionate about writing. I worked as a journalist and translator both in 2018 and in 2020 for a few months, where I was responsible for writing articles, news briefs and stories, in addition to translating articles from English to Arabic and vice versa. I also own a personal blog.

Today, I am an avid reader interested mainly in novels, psychology and philosophy. I am also learning Italian since I am very passionate about languages, and I am striving to master five languages fluently . I am also a lover of crime documentaries. 

My dream is to reach and influence as many people as possible through the power of words, and to get a master’s degree in translation in the near future.