Iman Inshasi

Here is what Iman, a recent English literature graduate in Gaza, says about herself, in a sort of stream of consciousness: Whenever I complete an application, there’s always a question asking about who I am. The first thing that comes to mind is: "Trust me, you don’t wanna know." But I complete the form as follows. I’m a girl who hates her name because half of the Palestinian population is named Iman. However, frankly, I can’t imagine myself as Jessica or Ashley.

From a very young age, I  loved spicy food, unlike the rest of my family. Sometimes I think I’m adopted. Because of that, India is on my list of “countries to visit before I die.” Another country I’m dying to visit is Spain. The language, the dance moves, the food and the sophisticated and yet simple architecture all are reasons why I want to go there. But because I hate summer, I end up choosing the UK to visit first. For some reason I want to try every ice cream flavor there while visiting every single museum. I know it seems like a weird combination, but ice cream and art always boost my mood.

Speaking of that: I’m obsessed with movies and TV shows. I have developed a  habit of eating while watching TV. Sometimes I save delicious foods until I am home and can watch a series of literally anything. This has taught me to be a better and faster cook so I don’t miss the new episode of Peaky Blinders.