Aya Alghazzawi

Aya works as an English language teacher for the Palestinian Ministry of Education and is also a BDS (boycotts, divestments and sanctions) activist based in Gaza. She earned a bachelor's degree in English language and literature and a diploma in general education from al-Aqsa University.

In addition to We Are Not Numbers, Aya's articles have been published by Mondoweiss, the Palestinian Project on Medium and Salaamedia. She has been interviewed by Telesur English and Salaamedia, among othere. Aya also worked as a presenter and translator for the Gaza Voice podcast and was hosted as an online speaker by the Center for Social Justice and Change at a university in East London. Another achievement is completion of a program for Promotion of Democratic Participation of Palestinian Youth, offered by the Masart Center for Strategic Thinking and Political Studies.

Aya's family originally lived in Yaffa. However, she was born and raised in Gaza. Aya believes she was born to work hard to undo injustice and achieve freedom and equality. She believes it's a shared responsibility to fight against settler-colonialism and apartheid.

One of Aya's dreams is to pursue higher education abroad. Meanwhile, she believes We Are Not Numbers is a great platform to challenge the silencing of Palestinians.