Amna Shabana

From Amna: “Many personalities shape me." She is a student of English language and literature at the. Islamic University of Gaza, expecting to graduate in 2021. Simultaneously, she studies English teaching. Amna feels that every role she plays in life is worthy of interest. Being Muslim, Palestinian, a student and a daughter, each role requires attention and duties. Moreover, her love of painting (in both water colors and acrylic), mandalas and doodling in pencil, takes much of her time.

“Managing these conflicting roles, I would go nuts. Nonetheless, I think my gift, writing, will blend them all,” she says. Every day, she feels an urge to write, even it if it is just a fragment, a poem or scattered words.

Amna works as a freelancer as an attempt to feed her passion for writing. She writes articles, stories and blog posts. She loves to learn new things. She wishes to dedicate some effort to learn graphic design as well. Amna's hopes are many, but the most prominent one is to have peace among the conflicting voices inside and to unite them for ONE clear mission, which is being a good servant to Allah, the Ummah (Muslim community) and the Palestinian cause.