Tribute to Rajaa

Huda Dawood | 29-03-2017


My dear friend, I know we were not very close friends.
But you were still a friend, because friendship isn't about the number of times we met.
It’s about the number of smiles, funny situations and the mutual concerns we shared.

We sat in the same class, separated by a few wooden desks.
We laughed and had fun, and your smile was the prettiest, your heart the kindest.

I fear I didn't understand your absence. I fear I didn't understand your pain.
And I’ve reached a point when I blame you for that.

Each time I visited you in the hospital, we laughed out loud and mocked that horrible disease. So how could you hide all that pain?

During the last visit, you didn't say a word.
It was really hard seeing you laying on that bed, without moving.
Yet in spite of it all, I went home and told everyone you were stronger than cancer.
You'd defeat it! I believed that dreamy, innocent child in me.

Yet that child was wrong! And it was God's will that you rest in peace now.
May your smile be treasured forever in all of our hearts.

Rajaa El Ali, a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon, died at the age of 23 when cancer of the uterus spread to her abdomen. 

Posted: March 28, 2017

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