Malak Mattar | 24-03-2016

Painting by Malak Mattar

It was a nightmare.
In the morning, I opened my eyes.
It was not like any morning.
Everything around me seemed out of focus.
I thought my family was sleeping, but they were not.
I thought I had shelter, but I did not.
I thought I had friends, but I did not.
I thought I had a dream, but I did not.
I thought I had a doll, but I did not.
I thought there was a garden, but there was not.
I thought the sea was blue, but it was not.
Everything was silent like a threat, except death
  and the sound of my feet.
I was running as if there was a destination,
  but death was chasing me and
I was running to assure myself I was still living.

I discovered a lake. It was like a blurry mirror
  in which I was reflected.
I touched myself like a blind person,
  and saw my face was as gray as the color of dust
  and my hair as red as the color of blood.
The lake had shaped my face,
  like war had shaped my life.

Posted March 24, 2016

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