Gazans never forget: a tribute to Rachel

Malak Mattar | 17-03-2016

Painting by Malak Mattar

I was three years old when Rachel Corrie was killed. When I was in the seventh grade, we studied human rights in my UNRWA school. We learned about many great people who sacrificed their lives for Palestine, which means for justice and freedom.  And we learned about Rachel Corrie, who has been killed by an Israeli driving a bulldozer. She was 23 years old, she was protecting Palestinian families’ homes. And since she was very young, Rachel had advocated for humanity, like when she has talked about hunger in the world, especially among kids. Rachel Corrie is like a dove of peace. She was killed but she is living in our hearts.

Gazans always remember people who sacrificed their lives because they represented our suffering. So I have drawn this painting for the soul of Rachel Corrie. We will never forget her.

Posted March 16, 2016


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