Malak Mattar | 15-03-2016


Painting by Malak Mattar

            Hi, Malak, where are you from?
            Prison? Is that a new country in the world?
            No, prison is like a black spot ...
            Destroyed three times by war.
            It has a sea, a sky and color.
            I’m not alone; there are 1,800,000 prisoners.
            Mmmm…How do people manage to live there?
            There are dead people who are still living
               but not quite 'alive,'
             And there are others who still vibrantly
               gift hope and emanate peace. 
             How long you have been like this?
             Ten years only, though it feels long.
             With whom do you live?
             With hope.

Posted March 15, 2016

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